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treatment - IVF



CNN has characterised Greece as “Fertility Land – an ideal place for reproductive tourism”

It is estimated that more than 2,000 couples visit northern Greece every year in order to undergo an in vitro procedure, due to high reputation and one of the highest European success rates. For patients interested in in-vitro treatment, we recommend the renowned and innovative clinic Assisting Nature in the city of Thessaloniki. The Clinic offers a combination of state-of-the-art technology with world-class performance and standards in terms of diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The Unit has world renowned reproductive specialists speaking multiple languages.

Visitors to Greece are often pleasantly surprised by how well they are welcomed and treated. The tradition of hospitality is so deeply rooted in ancient Greek culture that it took the form of a code of conduct. “Xenia” is a term that describes the virtue of showing generosity or kindness to strangers in all conditions and creating a relationship between the host and his guest. Hospitality in ancient Greece was not only an act of friendship directed to those who were hosted under their roof, but also a sign of social acceptance and integration with the surrounding world. This code of hospitality, also today, brings a lot to Greek every day life and the approach to health care.

This rich cultural heritage intensely fills the every day life in Greece and provides a fantastic opportunity to explore, integrating IVF treatment and therapy with relaxation. 60 experienced clinics in Greece carry out IVF procedures combining them with relaxing holidays. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable IVF Clinic, Greece is the best option to consider. Greece offers attractive prices for patients and tourists, as well as a rich cultural and gastronomic offer, charming beaches and great stable weather. These unique features, history, culture, natural beauty, mild climate and infrastructure of this country attract many patients interested in the treatment of IVF or egg adoption.

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Although childbearing seems a very simple reproduction process, one out of six couples face difficulties conceiving naturally. At this point, the team of Assisting Nature intervenes by initially seeking the cause of the problem without exploiting the couples’ desire for a baby. Thereinafter, the appropriate treatment is provided where possible, otherwise every contemporary method of assisted reproduction is implemented. Depending on each case, methods vary from IUI, NC, and ICSI to more sophisticated methods such as IMSI, time-lapse embryo-culture, blastocyst culture, micro-TESE and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

Utmost expertise and professionalism are our strengths. The scientific team of Assisting Nature, more specifically the gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists, and other medical practitioners, has worked at the most reputable universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community. Their studies are published in some of the most distinguished medical journals and they are invited to give lectures around the world regarding modern treatments of infertility.
The birth of a healthy child, the safety of the woman during the entire process and the psychological health of the couple are our priorities. With us you will realise that infertility does not mean sterility and you will soon embrace parenthood.

Assisting Nature guarantees a journey without turbulence!


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Dorota and Rafał
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"You promised us fertility vacations, but you gave us a second honeymoon. I feel happy, appreciated, loved and pregnant. And all these thanks to you, thanks to the fact that I met such wonderful people without complexes, who do not have to prove to anyone that they know what they are doing."
Agata and Radek
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“Doctor Robert Najdecki made the entire IVF process a beautiful experience culminating in a huge success and true happiness. Assisting Nature is simply full of fantastic people. Doctors are surrounded by a great Team who want to be there and help.”
Jadwiga and Waldek
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“I am full of admiration and respect for this team – because they want to do it, not because they have to. All these people are parents of my success and I really admire it – Thank you … Thank you so much.”