Why IVF in Greece (1/4) – 10 reasons to choose Greece

In vitro w Grecji

Greece seems to be perfect destination for couples or singles who consider undergoing IVF treatment abroad (1/4).

Today let us explain why Greece offers a fantastic option for medical tourists in search of high-quality treatments, with low waiting times and attractive commercial offers.

    1. The unique characteristics, history, culture, natural beauty, mild climate and infrastructure of the country attracts many patients interested in in vitro and egg donation treatment. A number of natural spas, boasting thermal and mineral springs, make Greece a fantastic place to recover from medical procedures or treatments.

    2. People visiting Greece are often pleasantly surprised by how well they are greeted and treated. The concept of hospitality is so deeply rooted in ancient Greek culture and took the form of a code of conduct. “Xenia” is the term used to describe the virtue of showing generosity or courtesy to strangers in any condition, and creating a genial relationship between host and guest. Hospitality in ancient Greece was not simply graciousness directed at the people under one’s roof, but also a token of social acceptance and integration into the world around them. This code of hospitality infuses a lot everyday life in Greece, including the approach to healthcare.

    3. Once a vast empire led by Alexander the Great, the Greek reign spread all the way to the border of India. Few countries have seen their history be as influential on a global level as the history of Greece. The culture produced by the ancient Greek civilization touched every neighbor it came in contact with. Greek history is integral to the history of Western civilization, where democratic politics was first conceived.

    4. This rich cultural heritage infuses the Greek daily life, and is a fantastic route of exploration, study or distraction during the time of IVF therapy.

    5. IVF treatment is carried out in 60 clinics, and the country is the ideal destination to combine IVF procedures, relaxing and entertaining holidays. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable fertility clinic, Greece is the best option to consider.

    6. Greece continues to offer great value for money holidays for the many visitors who are looking to enjoy the destination’s culture, gastronomy, beaches and excellent weather.

    7. Shops and prices. Greece is one of the cheapest countries of Eurozone. Higher prices are usually introduced during holiday period in resorts in the south of the country and on the islands – groceries and meals in restaurants are a few times more expensive than further in the country.

    8. Prices of meals in Greek restaurants are quite attractive in comparison to similar places in Spain or Portugal. Greek salad will cost 3€ – 4€ in most restaurants, gyro portion – 2,50€ – 3€, bigger dinner comprising of e.g. moussaka portion, salad and drink costs around 10€ . Coffee costs from 1,50€ to 5€, cocktail in a bar or disco 7€ -10€.

    9. Accommodation is also cheaper in comparison to other countries from Southern Europe; accommodation in seaside resorts can be booked already from 25€ per night (double room); and in guesthouses further in the country even 18€ – 20€. 3-star hotels offer prices from 35€ to 60€ per night, and in comfortable 4- or 5- star hotels we are going to pay 80€ – 150€. Point of sales opening hours differ, which can be surprising for guests from other countries. It is best to find out earlier the opening hours of local shops. The only thing that is sure is that from Monday to Saturday shops are open from the morning until 2pm. Later there is a siesta break and only 3 days a week (from Monday to Friday) shops are open from 6pm until 9pm, but you need to find out yourself which days. Only petrol stations are open on Sundays.

    10. It is best to come to Greece by plane – it is the fastest and most comfortable mean of transport. The biggest airports in Greece include Athens, Chania, Heraklion, and Thessaloniki. In case of European countries, travelling by car may also be considered. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is the second busiest airport in Greece after the Airport of Athens. It is located about 15 km from the city center, in the region of Thermi. This airport receives daily flights from Athens and in addition many flights from the Greek islands and from abroad.

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