Why FirstClassGreece?

Dedication to authentic experiences!

What sets FirstClassGreece apart from the average (medical) tourism agency is the company’s character that is adjusted to every customer’s very special preferences, with the ultimate aim to satisfy even the most demanding. Our clients are very diverse and include couples, groups as well as sole travellers.


100% Tailor Made Medical Tourism services

Designed around our clients’ requirements

Packages that meet clients’ specific interests, style and budget

Enabling to explore personal interests and discover new experiences

Our mission

We are passionate about providing medical tourism services and can satisfy all of our clients’ demands with excellent and dedicated services, no matter how far-fetched or bizarre they might be. We believe in providing quality over quantity in all our services, we value exclusivity and confidentiality.


With expertise in not only medical services but also travel, culture, nature and history, FirstClassGreece can combine your treatment destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.


Our mission is to provide high-end tailor made Medical tourism services that combine comfort with ease and reliability. Whether you have planed everything or need some inspiration, FirstClassGreece promises to create an experience that will surpass your expectations.

Our approach

At FirstClassGreece we deeply believe in the idea and need for unrestricted and equal access to medical services. The entire Medical Tourism team is dedicated to the active promotion, support and organisation of treatments for patients seeking medical services in Greece.


The Mediterranean climate combined with the highest class of services and the presence of world-renowned clinics make Greece the ideal destination for medical tourism. FirstClassGreece cooperates with leading institutions and medical partners to ensure the highest quality of services and to guarantee the effectiveness of treatment processes.


All our partners are licensed centres based on the latest European medical standard ISO 15224 or the prestigious international “TEMOS” certification.


We offer the possibility to choose the destination of therapy, period, type of accommodation, type of treatment and prepare a special package adapted to our clients’ needs and requirements.