Why IVF in Greece (3/4) – Safety and quality

Greece seems to be perfect destination for couples or singles who consider undergoing IVF treatment abroad (3/4)

Today let us discuss about the Safety and Quality in IVF Clinics in Greece.

Greece is one of most popular destination for couples undergoing IVF treatment abroad. The Greek staff is well qualified, most procedures are easily available and clinics have rich experience and good offers. If you want to feel more confident when choosing the right clinic, check if it has an ISO certificate and accreditation. This can confirm that the clinic’s approach to quality and safety is coherent with external standards.

Patients from abroad who are capable of affording private healthcare can benefit from various treatments and procedures, performed by well-qualified medical professionals using modern equipment. Doctors within private hospitals are generally multi-lingual, typically fluent in English. Communication is rarely a matter of concern for medical tourists visiting Greece. It is worth mentioning that there is dedicated organization where all doctors are required to register with a range of relevant medical bodies. Furthermore, – as the market is highly competitive – IVF centers are motivated to increase their quality. That results in competitive offers and additional services for couples who come for treatments from foreign countries.

According to World Health Organization the healthcare system in Greece is among the best in Europe (around 14th place in rankings) – you can count on professional help and modern medical equipment in most hospitals and private clinics. Clinic authorities usually pay great attention to hygiene standards so you can expect clean and safe facilities. This in important for those who seek good quality treatments.

Health care in Greece is provided through national health insurance, although people can also consider private health care as an option. Private sector is developing dynamically and foreign patients can expect high level of services especially for certain procedures that due to law are restricted in their home countries. In vitro fertilization is popular among international patients particularly for its high success rates and the affordable price. The quality of the follow-up care provided by local clinics is also important for infertile couples.

National Medically Assisted Reproduction (ACE) oversees and regulates the IVF clinics and Cryobanks in Greece. Licensed and certified IVF clinics and Cryobanks are inspected yearly to ensure standards are being met. All clinics must have ISO accreditation according to ISO 9001:2017 and EN 25224, which will attest to their adherence to safety and quality. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. Having an ISO Certified clinic can provide another assurance of quality and safety.

Most of the IVF clinics do submit their results to ESHRE and take part in the annual survey carried out by ESHRE.

The requirements to open and become a practicing IVF clinic in Greece are very strict. All IVF units are also obliged to comply with the European Directive, which has been in force since 2008. The Directive introduced common safety and quality standards for human tissues and cells across the European Union (EU). The purpose is to facilitate a safer and easier exchange of human tissue and cells between member states and to improve safety standards for European citizens.

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