Why IVF in Greece (2/4) – Legal Framework

in vitro w grecji

Greece seems to be perfect destination for couples or singles who consider undergoing IVF treatment abroad (2/4)

Today let us talk about the legal framework for assisted reproduction in Greece

      1. The legal framework for assisted reproduction techniques is one of the most liberal and couple-friendly in Europe as all procedures including egg or sperm donation, social freezing, fertility preservation and ivf procedures for singles, are available for women under the age of 50 and without age limit for men. The Greek Ministry of Health controls IVF clinics in this country and inspects them if it is necessary.

      2. Same sex couples are not “strictly” allowed to have treatment. However, as long as one partner signs a notarial deed saying that she is going through as a single woman with the use of donor sperm then it can be accommodated. For all non-married couples, the law states that there is a requirement to have a signed notarial deed either stating that a woman is single or, if there is a partner, that he is agreeing to the treatment and that he will be the legal father of the offspring. The notarial deeds can be signed when the couple/woman arrives to Greece and the cost is ~100€.

      3. Sex selection is only allowed for medical reasons so it is available if there is a significant risk that offspring may have genetic disorders.

      4. Donation of egg and sperm is anonymous.

      5. Surrogacy is allowed under Greek law but the details stipulate there should be medical grounds and court approval must be arranged. The surrogate need to prove to the court that she is permanent resident of Greece.

      6. Embryo transfer laws state the following: For women under 35 years of age using own eggs; one or two embryos can be transferred. For women over 35 and under 40 years of age using own eggs, up to two embryos can be transferred if it is the first or second treatment cycles. Thereafter, on subsequent treatment cycles, up to three embryos can be transferred.

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