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Rehabilitation and Recovery is that field of medicine which aims to restore and enhance the functional ability and quality of life of those who have suffered strokes, traumatic injuries and acute illness, or are suffering from various chronic diseases, disorders, or post-operative conditions. Such rehabilitation entails interdisciplinary care to achieve improved health and deliver the higher quality of life that comes with that improvement.

Greece has experienced a surge of growth in this field offering top-notch facilities staffed with highly competent and experienced doctors, therapists and nurses, implementing well-established techniques, as well as new clinical innovations, all supported by cutting-edge medical and rehabilitation equipment. Following internationally recognized protocols, rehabilitation programs take into account patients’ individual needs and combine a wide range of services from the different specialties available: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological support, nutrition and dietetics.

State-of the art facilities, exceptional services and outstanding medical experience, powered by great prices and assisted by the Mediterranean climate and diet as well as the famed Greek hospitality, make Greece an ideal recovery spot for natives and foreigners alike.

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Arogi Euromedica clinic

Benchmark of excellence for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Arogi Euromedica clinic

Benchmark of excellence for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

At Euromedica-Arogi Thessaloniki, the primary goal is to develop a Rehabilitation culture, which will contribute to the promotion of good health and respect for people who are striving to overcome their discomfort and rebuild their life. Since 2010, the Clinic offers personalized rehabilitation and recovery programmes, taking a holistic approach to patients with acute or chronic conditions.

The vision of the Clinic is to become one of the finest medical rehabilitation centers in Europe and the Balkans by constantly improving services through training, education and innovative ideas that will inspire and support people to rebuild their lives.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – The path to improving your life!

Rehabilitation represents interdisciplinary team care, health improvement and, therefore, better quality of life.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a separate medical specialisation, which aims not only to treat the subject of the condition but also to improve the physical and mental function, assisting patients to remain active and to improve the quality of their life in order to be reintegrated into social life.

At Euromedica-Arogi, an interdisciplinary Medical Rehabilitation Team plans and implements your recovery. Your team meets on a weekly basis and works closely towards the progress of each patient.

The physiatrist is the head specialist doctor of the Rehabilitation Team. She/he applies a holistic approach to the recovery plan, assesses their condition, sets goals together with you and monitors the progress of your recovery by coordinating the specialized Medical Rehabilitation Team, which consists of:

The specialized Medical Rehabilitation Team of Euromedica-Arogi aims to meet your expectations for the course of your treatment. This team will inspire you, work with you and in full cooperation with your attending physician.

The architectural design of Euromedica-Arogi is based on the concept of a friendly environment that combines functionality and high aesthetics. The overall design of the building focuses on the comprehensive support of the people staying here. Thus, each ward’s layout, decor and warmth, play a positive role in the patients’ treatment.

In addition to the Events and Recreation Hall, at Euromedica-Arogi there is a Common Room in each ward where patients can take part in various activities and socialize. This makes their stay more pleasant and their transition from the Rehabilitation Centre to their home and community much easier.

Treatment takes place in specially-designed spaces fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation technology. The centre also has three indoor heated pools equipped with electronic lifts and hydro-massage systems, thereby providing the ideal rehabilitation and recovery environment. For the patients’ training and exercising there is a large space for sport activities available including basketball hoops, table tennis, and wheelchair ramps.

At Euromedica-Arogi, the environment, people, medical treatment and care, all form a part of its exemplary hospitality.

Euromedica-Arogi has 5 inpatient wards with a total capacity of 200 beds and a seperate High Dependency Unit. These wards are intended for post-operative patients or patients suffering from conditions that require inpatient care.

High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Euromedica-Arogi offers the best possible level of care to critical patients who require continuous medical attendance, which includes a full range of equipment and materials, as well as 24-hour monitoring by qualified nursing staff, an intensive care specialist and an anaesthetist.

The High Dependency Unit (HDU) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This includes Dräger breathing apparatuses for the mechanical ventilation support, monitors for recording vital signs, endoscope, electronic defibrillator, feeding pumps, drug dispensing pumps, blood gas analysers, electrocardiograph (ECG) etc.


Our primary goal is to develop a Rehabilitation culture, which will contribute to the promotion of good health and respect for people who are striving to overcome their discomfort and rebuild their life. Please find below our main services



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